To show India’s economic development, Spain’s newspaper put a snake charmer’s photo, people reprimanded

Viral News Indian Economy : A Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, has graphed India’s economic development on the front page. It has been shown through this graph that India’s economy is going upwards. But the Indian is very angry about the photo used in the graph. People are venting their anger on the social networking site Twitter.

anger on twitter

The Spanish newspaper has given the news of the boom in the Indian economy on the front page. It is written that ‘this is the condition of the Indian economy at the moment’. This article is published with the satire of a snake charmer. Zerodha Chief Executive Officer Nithin Kamath has shared this on his Twitter. He has written, ‘It is good that the world is noticing our economy. But the way snake charmer is depicted in a graph is an insult. What has to be done to stop it. Maybe global Indian products?

MP PC Mohan said, it is stupid

Expressing his views on Twitter, BJP Lok Sabha MP PC Mohan from Bengaluru Central said that the top story of a Spanish weekly is “the time of Indian economy”. While India’s strong economy gets global recognition, it is sheer foolishness to portray our image as snake charmers even after decades of independence. Eliminating foreign mentality is a complex endeavor.

debate on twitter

Social media users have started a debate on Twitter regarding this matter. Let us tell you that a user is writing that, “How shameless.. Whatever they are trying to project, India will develop and prosper despite western sarcasm.” Another user commented, “Doesn’t matter. We’ll rise above what they think of us. The same third user has written that western people have very limited knowledge of Indian culture. The growing Indian economy and sustainable development will prompt Westerners to look beyond stereotypes. Till then enjoy the fun.”

recession expected

Let us tell you that in the next year 2023, there is a possibility of recession in many developed countries of the world. It will definitely have some effect in India too. Many experts say that India’s position on the economic front is very strong at the moment. The whole world is discussing the economic boom of India at this time.

India among major economies of the world

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Thursday lauded India’s economic development. He estimated India’s economic growth at 6.1 percent in 2022, which is the highest among the world’s major economies.

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