Toilets, mosquitoes, mobiles… due to these reasons sleep of Indians gets disturbed, revealed in the survey

Sound sleep Benefits: World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on 17 March. It is understood from this day that what is the importance of sleep in life? People who are not able to sleep properly. His health is often bad. Stress shows up differently on the face. Wrinkles come. Stomach related problems are also seen. People who get healthy sleep. There is a different kind of shine on his face. They are healthy and the brain also remains more active. A survey was done on Indians from the level of local circles. It was revealed in the survey that 55 percent people are sleeping without any hindrance for 6 hours, then after Kovid the pattern of 28 percent has deteriorated.

28 percent sleep worse after Kovid

It has also been seen in the survey whether there has been a change in the way people sleep in the last few years or not? 59 percent told that they did not face any kind of problem. Sleeping as before. 7 percent’s sleep improved due to work from home. The gold pattern deteriorated after the corona of 28 percent. 6 percent did not clarify any situation regarding sleep.

Disturbed sleep due to these reasons

61 percent revealed that sleep was disturbed due to frequent visits to the toilet. 27 percent told that sleeping late and waking up in the morning also caused problems with household chores. Another 27 per cent reported that mosquitoes and outside noises disturbed their sleep. 20 percent people were troubled due to sleep apnea and other diseases. 12 percent because of children or parents and 14 percent told that sleep was disturbed due to mobile calls or messages.

Sleep position over the past 12 months

It has been seen in the survey that how people were sleeping in the last 12 months. What problems did they face. It was revealed that 2 percent people had eight to 10 hours of sleep, 21 percent had 4 hours, 34 percent had 4 to 6 hours, 43 percent had 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

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