Troubled by arthritis, avoid red meat, avoid these food items

Avoid These Food In Arthritis: Arthritis is a problem related to joints, in which there is swelling, pain and difficulty in walking. Osteoarthritis is a normal problem which increases with time. 40 percent of men and 47 percent of women can be affected by this disease. Diet is important in controlling arthritis. Its symptoms can be reduced by proper and healthy diet. In Arthritis, patients should avoid eating such food items.


Arthritis patients will reduce the intake of sugar, then the risk of arthritis will be less. Ice cream, chocolate, candy and sweets should not be eaten in case of arthritis. Along with this, the risk of arthritis also increases with soda or diet drink.

processed and red meat

Processed and red meat should not be consumed in arthritis, due to which swelling and pain in the joints increases. Consumption of plant based food is beneficial in this disease.

gluten food

In arthritis, distance should be made from gluten food. For example, wheat, jowar, coarse grains and refined flour should be taken in small quantities. However, completely stopping the consumption of gluten is also dangerous. That’s why there is a need to balance it.


Alcohol should not be saved in arthritis. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can cause inflammation in the joints and muscles. If you also consume a lot of alcohol, then make a distance from today itself.

Vegetable oil

High omega-6 and low omega-3 fats should not be taken in this problem. Due to which the inflammation in the muscles can increase and can give rise to many problems. That’s why eating such things should be avoided.

reduce salt intake

Excess salt should not be consumed in arthritis. This is very harmful for health. Excessive consumption of salt can increase the problem of high BP, diabetes and arthritis.

fatty food

Consuming more fatty things in food also leads to accumulation of fat in the body which can lead to obesity. And increasing body weight can further increase arthritis.

eating sour things

Consuming sour things can cause joint pain and swelling. Arthritis patients should not consume lemon, orange, curd and buttermilk. This can cause serious harm to health.

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