Troubled by ‘auto-play ads’ on Amazon Prime, these tips are the solution to your problem

Amazon Prime Ad Control: If you are fond of watching movies or web series on Amazon Prime. But are troubled by the autoplay ads that come before the video starts. So we are going to tell you some tips, by which you can get rid of this problem.

The autoplay ad/trailer that appears while watching videos on Amazon Prime can be disabled. Whose process we are going to tell you. For this, you have to open your Amazon Prime desktop browser, but once its setting is changed, it will work on all platforms like Smart TV, Smartphone.

Disable add like this

    • First of all open your Amazon subscription on desktop browser.
    • Now select your profile and open account setting.
    • Now go to the player option, there you will see the option of auto play and auto play trailers.
    • Turn off this option here.
    • Now close the Prime Video tab from the web browser.
    • Open Amazon Prime on your smartphone and tablet or smart TV.

Now play the video you want to watch on Amazon Prime. Now that content will be played without autoplay ads, earlier you used to play after autoplay ads or autoplay trailers and you had to watch these ads even if you didn’t want to. But you have to keep in mind that if you have more than one account, then to do this, you have to disable all of them one by one. Amazon gives you this good option, that you can control the advertisement shown on it.

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Along with this, Amazon Prime also gives you the option to disable auto playback next video (episodic movie). You can also do this in the same way by going to the settings of Amazon Prime. With this, you also get a lot of control over Amazon Prime and get rid of the feature that is played by default.

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