Troubled by the notification of useless messages on the Messenger app, get rid of it like this

How to Mute Someone on Messenger Apps: In today’s time, most of the smartphone users use messaging apps. In which all of us are included. Whether it is WhatsApp Messenger, or Facebook Messenger. But there are some users who keep messaging people unnecessarily. Due to which there is disturbance due to repeated notifications in the mobile. There is a simple solution to this, you mute the chat of such people. We are going to tell you how to do this.

  • How to mute WhatsApp chat
  • First of all open WhatsApp.
  • Find the number you want to mute.
  • Long press on the number of that user.
  • Now you will see ‘Mute’ Click on it.
  • His chat will be muted and you will no longer get notifications for incoming messages from him.

How to mute Facebook Messenger

  • For this you have to open Facebook Messenger.
  • Now go to the chat box of the user whom you want to mute.
  • Long press on that user’s chat Do it.
  • Now in front of you is the ‘Mute’ Now click on it.
  • Now the chat of that user will be muted. Now messages coming from that user will not disturb you.

If someone disturbs you on Instagram or Telegram by sending unnecessary messages in the same way, then you can mute any user there as well. The way to mute a user is the same on both the apps. On the other hand, messaging app WhatsApp has recently released a new Poll feature for its users. With its help, users can ask questions to the people present in their contact list by creating pollkars in both single and group chats. Shortly before this, WhatsApp has also increased the limit of users joining the group on video calls.

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