Tulsi Vivah 2022: There is a special reason for Tulsi marriage on Devuthani Ekadashi, know how Vrinda became Tulsi

Dev Uthani Ekadashi, Tulsi Vivah 2022: Devuthani Ekadashi will be celebrated on 4th November 2022. On this day Lord Vishnu wakes up from Yoga Nidra and all auspicious work starts. The tradition of Shaligram and Tulsi marriage will be performed on 5 November 2022. What is the reason behind Shri Hari Bhagavan Vishnu becoming Shaligram and why he had to marry Tulsi. At the same time, how did Tulsi, which blesses Mars, originated. Let us know in this story.

Story of Tulsi Vivah

According to the legend, there was a very powerful demon named Jalandhar. The gods and goddesses used to be very troubled by his terror. His wife Vrinda was a virtuous woman, due to the effect of her worship, no one could defeat Jalandhar in the war. Vrinda was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Due to the devotion of Vrinda, Jalandhar would always be victorious in every battle. His fury had increased a lot. One day he attacked heaven. All the gods got upset and went to the shelter of Shri Hari and requested him to find a solution.

Vishnu broke Vrinda’s virtuous religion by deceit

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Lord Vishnu knew that it is impossible to defeat Jalandhar without breaking Vrinda’s devotion. Srihari assumed the form of Jalandhar and Vrinda’s piety religion was broken. At that time Jalandhar was fighting with the gods. As soon as Vrinda’s virtuous religion was destroyed, all the powers of Jalandhar ended and he was killed in the war. Vrinda later realized this deceit of Lord Vishnu, then she got angry and then cursed Srihari.

Lord Vishnu became such a Shaligram

When Vrinda’s chastity was broken, she cursed Lord Vishnu that just as you have given me the trouble of husband’s separation by deceit, in the same way your wife will also be abducted by deceit. Also you will be of stone. This stone was called Shaligram. It is said that due to the curse of Vrinda, Shri Vishnu was born in Ayodhya as Dasharatha’s son Shri Ram and later he also had to suffer the loss of Sita.

Vrinda was later called Tulsi

Vrinda could not bear the death of her husband and became sati. It is said that a plant emerged from the ashes of Vrinda, which Lord Vishnu named as Tulsi. Srihari declared that without Tulsi, I would not accept the prasad. I will be married in Shaligram form with Tulsi. Later on, people will know this date as Tulsi Vivah. It is said that the one who conducts Shaligram and Tulsi marriage, his married life is filled with happiness. Along with this, he gets the same virtue as donating a girl child.

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