Two-thirds of Australia’s population was hit by Kovid, danger not averted even in India

Corona Virus: Kovid has wreaked havoc not only in the country but in the world. Omicron, the delta variant was a very deadly form of corona. Cases were seen in the homes of Delta variants in India. This variant took the lives of thousands of people. The situation in Australia regarding Kovid has also not come out well. According to media reports, two recent surveys revealed that at least two-thirds of Australians have had covid since the pandemic broke out in early 2020. This figure includes both children and adolescents. Scientists, experts are worried about the figures of Corona. Doctors say that Corona is changing its variants every day. The threat of a new wave of corona in the country is not averted. People need to follow covid protocol.

Two agencies studied
According to media reports, two agencies studied Kovid. The National Pediatric Serosurvey, the Pediatric Active Advanced Disease Surveillance (PAEDS) Network and the National Center for Immunization Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) carried out. The researchers tested two types of antibodies in blood samples from children aged 0-19 years. According to the agencies, the sample was taken between June and August 2022. 
One sample showed chronic infection, while the other showed the effect of previous infection and vaccination. It was concluded in the study that about 79 percent of children between the age of one to four years got Kovid. While 67 percent of children aged 5 to 11 got infected. Most of these were vaccinated. 

70 percent of children aged 12 to 19 were infected
At least two-thirds of children in Australia reported Covid positive. Tests based on nasal and throat swabs Went. The University of New South Wales and the Kirby Institute also surveyed adults. In this, researchers examined 5,005 blood samples. These samples were taken between August 23 and September 2, 2022. According to statistics, antibodies were found in at least 65 percent of adults. The report of Kovid which was seen in serosurve three months ago. Compared to that, an increase of 20 percent was seen. 

avoid covid by following protocol
Doctors told that it is necessary to follow its protocol to protect against covid. People have started keeping a distance of two yards, use of masks, distance from sanitizer. For this reason people are falling prey to the virus. Due to vaccination, the virus is not affecting the body as much. But it is important to be careful. 

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