Uber Cabs: Uber’s electric cabs launched in Delhi-NCR, booking for pre-scheduled journeys

Uber Electric Cabs in India : The central government has put a lot of emphasis on the use of electric vehicles across the country. At the same time, now the company providing cab service in the country has made a big announcement. Let us tell you that Uber, a company providing App Based Taxi Service, has started Electric Cabs in Delhi-NCR.

Service started in NCR

Uber has started providing Electric Vehicles (EVs) to its customers in parts of Delhi-NCR. At present, electric cabs are available only for pre-scheduled journeys. Uber did not share how many EV cabs were operational on its platform in India, but stressed that it will be working with several fleet partners, OEMs and charging infra providers to gradually develop EVs in a sustainable manner. (EV in India) working to build business.

Will give service in big cities

Company in India (UBER) spokesperson says that as the leading mobility app in India, we are committed to supporting the emission targets of the Government of India. In the coming months, more electric vehicles (Uber Electric Cabs in India) can be seen in Indian cities. According to a report, India is expanding its fleet to electric cabs in the next few years, with Uber taking a step at the right time.

EV charging point required

The push comes amid the Centre’s pledge to cut air pollution to reduce dependence on oil imports and meet its commitment to the 2015 Paris climate change agreement, according to the report. The state government in Delhi says that it has set up 1,000 EV charging points across the city.

Electric cabs will be considered in the country

The trend towards electric vehicles in India is slowly increasing. People are now buying electric cars, two wheelers too. Three wheelers are already being sold for commercial use. After this initiative of Uber, there is every possibility that other companies will also consider electric cabs in the future.

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