Unique temple of India: Here the water in the offerings goes up

Interesting Facts of Temple Many types of offerings are offered in all the temples of the country, but have you ever heard or seen offering water bottles or water pouches in the temple? There is such a temple located in Gujarat. Where the prasad to God does not offer laddoos and sweets, but water bottles are offered. This temple is situated between Patan to Modhera. The story of the construction of this temple is also very interesting. Let us know about the unique tradition and story of this temple.

The story of the temple is related to the accident

The story of the construction of this temple is related to an accident. In fact, on 21 May 2013, an auto rickshaw and car had a fierce collision at this place of the temple. 6 people were killed in this horrific road accident, 2 children were also present in this auto, the children were very thirsty, they were asking people for water. But there was no water and due to which the children died of thirst. After this, accidents started happening continuously at this spot.

Children are considered gods

After these accidents, the local people realized that all these accidents are happening due to the thirst of both the children. In such a situation, the local people built a small temple considering 2 children as gods and started worshiping there. It is said that after the temple was built, the salt water of the nearby wells had also turned sweet and the road accidents also stopped. Not only water is offered here, but people also believe that drinking this water in the form of prasad cures every disease of the body.

Recognition is fulfilled by offering prasad

It is a belief of the temple that if someone makes offerings of water here, then his wishes are fulfilled. The temple is crowded with devotees every day and thousands of people offer water bottles and water pouches.

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