Varun Dhawan is battling this serious disease, know its symptoms and prevention

Varun Dhawan Vestibular Hypofunction: After Samantha Akkineni, now Varun Dhawan has revealed about his illness. Recently Varun told that he is battling a serious disease called vestibular hypofunction. In this disease, a person gradually loses the balance of his body. Recently, in an interview to India Today, Varun revealed that I had put so much pressure on myself, for which I am still suffering. This is the reason why I am suffering from vestibular hypofunction.

What is vestibular hypofunction

In vestibular hypofunction, the balance part of the ear that sends messages to the brain. It stops working properly. This is hypofunction on one side or if it starts happening on both sides of the head, then there can be two-sided hypofunction. In this disease, there is a part inside the ear, which affects the whole body. Due to which it works as a body balance. If this does not work properly then the body starts losing its balance.

symptoms and treatment

This disease can occur due to poor blood circulation, infection, waste of calcium in the ear. There can be many types of symptoms of the disease such as dizziness, lack of attention in anything, blurring of anything. Difficulty in seeing and driving even while driving. In some cases, patients may also feel nausea, anxiety, vomiting. Along with this, gradually the power of hearing also starts ending in it.

How can vestibular hypofunction be treated?

Several methods have been devised to treat VH, including through antibiotics or antifungal treatments or even surgery. Its treatment is very slow but if not treated on time then it can prove fatal.

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