Vegetable: Peas Rs 300 a kg and cabbage Rs 100 a kg, expensive vegetables have taken their breath away in this city

Vegetable Rate: The price of vegetables has exhausted the common man. With the onset of the festive season, the problems of the public also start increasing. People’s budget starts deteriorating. Because during this time, whether it is fruits or vegetables, the prices of all are on the sky and something similar is happening in Delhi NCR as well. In Noida, adjacent to Delhi, there is a stark difference between the rate of successful stores and the retail ready sellers in the rates of vegetables and fruits.

At the same time, the vegetable vendors tell that they are getting the vegetables expensive from behind and the incessant rains in the past have made up for it. Vegetables lying in the fields have rotted, which could not reach the market and the general public, that is why their price has increased so much.

If we talk about the successful stores built in Delhi NCR, then the rate is kept completely under control here. Nevertheless, the prices of vegetables and fruits are seen skyrocketing here, so you can imagine how expensive the vegetables found on the street outside will be.

Rates of successful stores –

Potato – Rs 20 per kg

Cabbage – Rs 98 per kg

Brinjal – Rs 75 per kg

Tomato – Rs 56 per kg

Peas – 200 rupees kg

retailer’s rates

Potato – Rs 25 to 30 per kg

Cabbage – Rs 100 per kg

Brinjal – Rs 80 per kg

Tomato – Rs 50 per kg

Peas – Rs 300 kg

Retailers consider the bad weather in the past to be the reason for the increased prices of vegetables. According to the vegetable vendors, the vegetables lying in the field got rotten due to incessant rains. This condition of the market has happened due to the shortfall of those who could not reach the general public. Vegetable vendors said that most vegetables are cultivated in Sahibabad and from that most vegetables are supplied in Delhi NCR. The general public is upset and struggling with the ever-increasing prices of vegetables. At present, there does not appear to be any relief of any kind.

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