VFX artist surprised everyone by recreating this scene of ‘Adipurush’

Adipurush Teaser Recreated By A Youtuber: The teaser of ‘Adipurush’ faced fierce opposition with its release. From the look of the film’s cast to its visual effects and VFX, people raised questions. Not even a single scene of the teaser could win the hearts of the audience.

On seeing the teaser, a lobby was formed for those who boycotted the film. Well, after all the hue and cry, the makers announced to rework the VFX of the film. Meanwhile, a YouTuber and visual effects artist has created panic by sharing a video on social media.

Visual effects artist recreated this scene of Adipurush

Yes, this YouTuber and visual effects artist has posted a short video recreating a special scene of the film ‘Adipurush’. In this video, YouTuber has beautifully recreated the underwater scene of Prabhas, which everyone is surprised to see. He has also disclosed how Kunwar has prepared this scene.

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Along with posting this video, Kunwar told that with the help of Kiri engine, he has prepared this 3D scene. With this, he has created his own version while creating this scene, which is really commendable. Users are appreciating this video of Kunwar on social media. Most are telling this video much better than the film.

User comments on recreate video

Kunwar shared this short video and wrote, ‘Do you want me to recreate the scene even more?’ Lots of comments are coming from the users on this. A user has written, ‘Adipurush’ of 500 crores has faded in front of this edit. While another user wrote, ‘Only a YouTuber can do a better job than the entire VFX team of Adipurush. At the same time, one even wrote that, ‘Rs 500 crores are wasted’.

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