Vicky Kaushal makes Katrina Kaif sleep in this cute way, knowing you will also be in love

Katrina Kaif On Vicky Kaushal : Ever since Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif married the handsome hunk Vicky Kaushal, her married life often remains the ‘talk of the town’. If Vicky and Katrina go to an event or interview, they are definitely asked about their married life. These days Katrina is busy promoting her upcoming film Phone Bhoot. Meanwhile, she has shared a funny thing related to husband Vicky Kaushal.

In a conversation with ‘Pinkvilla’, Katrina Kaif talks about Vicky Kaushal’s best habit. The actress told that she likes her happiness the most. According to the actress, the way Vicky is happy in dancing and singing, she likes it very much. Not only this, Katrina has also shared a secret related to her married life.

Vicky Kaushal’s cutest thing
Katrina told what Vicky Kaushal does for her when she can’t sleep. The actress said, “I like the joy she has for singing and dancing. The way he is happy when he dances, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Not only this, when he sings, it is also very beautiful. He is very good singer. Whenever I can’t sleep, I ask them to sing a song.”

Katrina calls Vicky the most stubborn
Katrina Kaif While the best thing about her husband Vicky Kaushal is her happiness, dancing and singing, the worst thing about an actor is stubbornness. The actress told that, she is very stubborn. The actress also told that what she wants to take away from Vicky Kaushal. She tells that, Vicky takes the decision of losing weight very quickly and shows it.

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