Vikalp Scheme: Not getting railway reservation, then book your ticket like this, seat will be confirmed

Ticket Booking Vikalp IRCTC Online Booking : The festival season has started across the country. A large number of people are going from one place to their home and family, and then also taking tickets to return to work. In such a situation, they have to face ticket fight. Many people have to postpone their journey due to not getting a confirmed ticket. But now it will not happen. Railway has given the facility of option (IRCTC Vikalp) on IRCTC booking ticket for you, with the help of which you can get a confirmed ticket.

VIKALP scheme will solve the problem
Travelers have to face the most problems during the festive season. In such a situation, to overcome this problem, Railways has started the VIKALP scheme. What are option schemes? So in this news we are giving you information about VIKALP scheme.

This is the VIKALP scheme
Indian Railways has started the VIKALP scheme for the convenience of passengers, through which you can travel on a confirmed ticket by choosing different train options to buy waiting tickets online. Railways has renamed Alternate Train Accommodation Scheme (ATAS) as VIKALP scheme. Railways is trying to give maximum number of confirmed tickets to the passengers through this scheme. This greatly increases the chances of passengers getting a confirmed ticket during the festive season.

This is how you get a confirmed ticket
When you are booking waiting ticket online then you have to fill VIKALP option while booking. In this option, you are asked to select other trains apart from the train in which you have got the waiting ticket. This means that if the ticket booked by you is not confirmed, then you will get a confirmed ticket in the second selected train. You can also check this option by going to the history of the booked ticket.

You select 7 trains
You will get a confirmed ticket in this VIKALP scheme. It will depend on the availability of seats in the train whether you will get a confirmed ticket or not, but it definitely increases the chances of getting a confirmed ticket. Under the VIKALP scheme, you are asked to choose the option of a total of 7 trains. This train should run from boarding stations to destination in 30 minutes to 72 hours.

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