Vikram Gokhale died due to multiple organ failure, such people are most at risk

Multiple Organ Failure Syndrome: Film industry veteran actor Vikram Gokhale passed away at the age of 77. He died due to multiple organ failure. Vikram Gokhale, who worked in films like ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and Agneepath, was a well-known actor in Hindi and Marathi industry. Nowadays multiple organ failure is also becoming the cause of death of many people. Let us know today what is multiple organ failure and how two or more organs of the body fail together?

What is multiple organ failure?

When inflammation caused by a severe injury or infection in the body causes dysfunction in two or more organ systems, it is called multiple organ failure. Multiple organ system failure, also known as multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), can be extremely fatal for the patient. In this situation even the life of the victim can be lost. This affects the whole body including the immune system.

What is the reason of this?

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There is no one concrete reason for this, because according to the patient, it can have many factors. However, organ syndrome can be triggered through sepsis. This syndrome is caused by infection, injury, hypoperfusion and hypermetabolism. In this situation, the formation of cytokines cells plays an important role. In this, the immune system is kept active by sending information to the cells. Multiple organ failure can occur even when the amount of bradykinin proteins in the body is high.

symptoms of

In this situation, due to the effect of blood circulation in the body, swelling starts in the body and blood clots also start forming. Due to its grip, the body feels cold, pain in the muscles, no urination, difficulty in breathing, dullness of the skin, etc. are its symptoms.

Which organs are most affected?
Lungs, heart, kidney, liver, brain, blood are mainly affected by this.

What is its treatment?

According to research, the treatment of patients with organ failure in the country and the world is still effective to a large extent. If we look at the figures of the last 20 years, the effect of the death rate of the patient has reduced considerably. If a person recognizes his symptoms in time, then he can get himself examined. If you see these symptoms in yourself, then talk to your doctor without delay. By getting it treated in time, you can protect yourself to a great extent.

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