Virus made blood clots, these surprising facts came out in the study

Corona Virus: The Kovid virus has wreaked havoc not only in the country but in the world. Thousands of people died due to the Delta variant in India. There is hardly any house left in the country in which the corona virus has not knocked. Scientists are constantly doing research regarding Kovid. How deadly are the new forms of corona virus than the old? What can or are causing harm to the body. Research is going on on this. Now a similar study has come out regarding Kovid, the results of which are disturbing.

Research done on 54 thousand people
Researchers from Queen Mary University of London did research on 54 thousand participants. The study was published on October 24 in General Heart. In this study, research was done regarding the changes in the second wave of Kovid and the effect of corona. This research lasted for about 4 and a half months.

2.7 times higher risk of blood clots
The study revealed that the Kovid patients who were not admitted to the hospital. There was an increased risk of blood clot formation up to 2.7 times in them. Doctors have called it a condition of Venus thromboembolism. Deep vein thrombosis is a condition when a deep clot forms in the blood.

higher risk of death
Research revealed that people who were Kovid positive. were not admitted to the hospital. Those people were found to be at higher risk of death due to venous thromboembolism. This risk was 10 times greater than those. Those who did not have covid. At the same time, those who were hospitalized due to Kovid. They had a 28-fold increased risk of developing thromboembolism. The risk of heart failure increased 22 times and the risk of stoke increased by 18 times.

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