Want to get over Chronic Stress? Try Effective 7 Step Plan

How To Deal With Chronic Stress: Dr Meredith Coles, a professor of psychology in the US, who is also the director of the anxiety clinic at Binghamton University, says that our body is not made to be under constant stress, so even though there is stress in today’s lifestyle, but we have to deal with it. Must come When there is any kind of stress, our body becomes more alert and the body responds in the same way. When the stress is over, the body again returns to the normal state. If you want to avoid chronic stress, then definitely try this 7 step plan.

how to get rid of stress

1- First of all, recognize the response to stress. Some people have tension headache, some feel sad, some people have uneasiness in the stomach. After this note how much effect the stress has on you. Like if you have a headache every week then it needs to be addressed but once a month tension headache can be suffered
2- The second best way is to turn on the pause button as soon as it seems that the situation is going to increase in any situation. This means that you get yourself out of this situation before the tension increases too much.
3- It is said time and again that breathing is the best way to get out of stress. If you want a quick solution to any tense situation, then do deep breathing.
4- If there is tension on any matter, then think of a way to get out of it. Instead of getting angry or upset at yourself because of the condition, focus on finding the right path.
5- Always work with planning so that there is no kos. Half of the stress in life is due to the pressure of getting involved in one situation to another, pending work. work out a plan to avoid it
6- To remove stress, take your thoughts to the positive side. Even if there is tension on something, then focus your mind on good things so that you can remove yourself from the stressful situation.
7- Pay attention to mental health to avoid stress. Eat good food, sleep well and also do some exercise every day. These three rules are useful in reducing all kinds of stress.

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