Wasim Akram’s big allegation on Salim Malik, said- He was a negative, selfish, lousy kind of person…

Wasim Akram on Salim Malik: Former Pakistani player Wasim Akram has made a big allegation against his teammate Saleem Malik. Actually, Wasim Akram said that when he started playing for Pakistan, Salim Malik used to treat me like a servant. Wasim Akram made his debut for Pakistan in the year 1984. Salim Malik was the senior player of that Pakistan team. Wasim Akram has made this disclosure in his autobiography Sultan-e Memoir (Sultan: A Memoir).

‘Used to take undue advantage of my junior’

Wasim Akram said that Salim Malik used to take illegal advantage of being my junior. He said that Salim Malik was negative, selfish and a bad person. He used to treat me like a servant, give me massages, give me orders. Wasim Akram further said that at that time there were young players like Rameez Raja, Tahir, Mohsin, Shoaib Mohammad with me. When I used to go to nightclubs with these young players, I used to get very angry with Salim Malik.

Life time ban on Salim Malik in the year 2000

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Actually, Wasim Akram and Salim Malik have been teammates on many tours, but if Wasim Akram is to be believed, they do not even make eye contact with each other. Salim Malik was the captain of the Pakistan team from 1992 to 1995. Wasim Akram was a part of that Pakistani team. Under the captaincy of Salim Malik, Pakistan played 12 Test matches, winning 7 matches. While 21 wins were won in 34 ODIs. However, Salim Malik was banned for life in the year 2000 for match-fixing. However, Wasim Akram has made very serious allegations against Salim Malik. After this allegation, Wasim Akram and Salim Malik are continuously making headlines.

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