Watch: Babar gave an emotional speech after losing the match against India, said – have to learn from mistakes

T20 World Cup 2022, IND vs PAK: T20 World Cup 2022 has not started well for the Pakistan team. The team had to face defeat by 4 wickets against India in the first match. In this breath-taking match, the decision to win or lose was decided on the last ball. After the defeat in this match, Pakistan team captain Babar Azam gave an emotional and motivational speech for his players. The video of this speech has been shared by the official Twitter handle of ICC.

we tried

Babar started his speech and said, “It was a very good match. We played well, no doubt about it. We tried our best to win the match. Made some mistakes, have to learn from them. The tournament has just started, there are still many big matches pending.”

no one is responsible for the loss

He further said, “We have not lost these matches because of any one, we have all lost. No one will point fingers at anyone whether he defeated or he defeated. We will win as a team, we lose as a team. There has also been good performance in the match. We have to be together, we have to rectify the mistakes that have been made.”

special thing for nawaz

Talking about Nawaz, Babar said, “Nawaz is not an issue, you are the match winner and I will always have faith in you. The last over was a pressure one, you took the match so close, it’s a big deal. You leave all these things here. You have to go ahead and start afresh. As a team we have played very well. It has to be continued now.” Let us tell you that after this speech of Babar, all the players present in the dressing room applauded.

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