We order windmills from abroad, Denmark is buying parts from us! After all, what is Manjra?

Bamboo Export in Denmark: Today, a lot of attention is being given to products made from bamboo all over the world. The National Bamboo Mission scheme is also being run to promote bamboo cultivation in India. Under this scheme, financial assistance is also given to the farmers, so that they can grow bamboo of good quality and export it in the country and abroad. Dewas of Madhya Pradesh has also become famous as ‘Bamboo Hub’ due to bamboo cultivation. Till now only the needs of the country were fulfilled from here, but now Denmark has also decided to buy Dewas Bamboo.

With this, the blades or petals used in the windmill will be made. Let us tell you that the petals made of bamboo are very light, which will make the process of wind power generation many times easier and sustainable. These petals will be made in Dewas itself, which is likely to provide employment to more than 2,000 women.

Why is bamboo petal good?
Although different materials are used to make windmills, Denmark has chosen the eco-friendly way of bamboo for wind power generation. Based on a research, a Danish company has claimed that where the petals made of fiber for windmills get spoiled within 4 years.

At the same time, the petals made of bamboo of Dewas are light as well as durable for 40 years. The cost of bamboo petals is always low. In addition, they are also strong, so Denmark has approved its use and has also ordered 100 petals, which will also be supplied soon. Let us tell you that this research has also been done by a bamboo artisan company from Dewas itself.

Devas’ company, the master of bamboo products
Artisan, which makes all eco-friendly and sustainable products using bamboo, has got the status of the world’s first tech company. This company of Jamgod is making furniture, doors and even bamboo houses from Dewas bamboo. This company has also exported all bamboo products abroad.

Devopan Mukherjee, CEO of this artisan company, said that research is going on in different countries for several months on Katanga bamboo. Denmark is also one of those countries. Here the research results were successful and now the work of making this bamboo petal will be started with the engineering process.

women will get employment
Although bamboo products have been made around the world, but the use of bamboo in wind power generation is a new innovation. It is also in discussion because about 2,000 women will contribute in making petals made of bamboo in Dewas. With this the dream of women empowerment will come true and new employment opportunities will open.

Jambu bamboo has already been planted on thousands of acres of land in Dewas district to make these petals to be used in windmills. In the next 2 to 3 months, the production of these petals will start in a 50-acre factory.

We order windmills from abroad
For information, let us tell you that for the manufacture of wind power in India, wind mills are imported from abroad, but the innovation of making petals from bamboo can soon prove to be a profitable deal for the country. This is another big successful experiment of the country, which has come true to eco-friendly and sustainable management. Till now fiber was being used in the petals of windmills.

The fiber glass blade-petal made from it weighs about 100 to 150 tons. At the same time, bamboo petals are up to 25 percent lighter than this. There is also a big difference in price between these two, where three blade-petals of fiberglass come for Rs 3 crore, while bamboo petals will be ready at a lower cost of up to 15 percent.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brother, before implementing any suggestion, please consult the concerned expert.

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