What are 5 super expensive things Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has? Here is the full details

Anushka Sharma Super Expensive Things: Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Indian Indian team player Virat Kohli are truly a power couple. The pair also has a huge fan following. Anushka and Virat met for the first time in the year 2013 during the advertisement of a shampoo brand and then slowly things started between them and then the meeting soon turned into love. Today this couple is married and they also have a lovely daughter. While Virat is a cricket legend, Anushka Sharma is also considered one of the best actresses of Bollywood. Both of them are very successful in their respective fields. With this, they are currently one of the richest Indian celebrity couples and by January 2020, the couple’s net worth had crossed the Rs 1200 crore mark. Let’s know here what are five super expensive things Anushka Sharma has?

Anushka’s brand ‘Nush’
Anushka Sharma launched her brand ‘Nush’ in October 2017. His brand has proved to be a good business plan and the market value of this clothing brand is currently around Rs 65 crore.

Office in Lokhandwala
Anushka also has a well furnished office in Lokhandwala. Here she conducts all her meetings and also runs her production house with her brother Karnesh Sharma.

Triplex in Versova
Anushka also bought a grand triplex apartment in Badrinath Towers, Versova in the year 2012. Its cost is around Rs 10 crore.

Anushka’s Range Rover
Anushka Sharma also owns a Land Rover Range Rover Vogue SE which costs around Rs 2.31 crore.

Apartments in Andheri
Anushka also owns a luxury 3BHK flat in Yari Road building in Andheri. The cost of his flat is around Rs 4 crore.

What is the net worth of Anushka Sharma,
Anushka Sharma, wife of Bollywood actress and cricketer Virat Kohli, earns a lot from her films and advertisements. Along with this, she also earns huge profits by investing money in films. Anushka charges 10 to 12 crores for her film and 4 to 5 crores for ad. According to media reports, the total net worth of Anushka Sharma is said to be around Rs 265 crore.

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