What is alopecia disease, in which hair starts falling excessively

Hair Fall: Hair loss can be a natural process. But excessive hair fall is a matter of concern. Experts believe that hair loss is a multifunctional disease called Alopecia. Although it can also be fixed. In this type of disease, more hair loss occurs from the scalp only. But the matter becomes serious when gradually the hairs of your eyebrows also start falling. Experts believe that hair loss is linked to stress. Doctors say that anything related to stress can cause hair loss.

these are the reasons for hair fall

1.If you have low levels of Vitamin D3B, B12 Iron or Ferritin in your body then this can also cause your hair loss. Apart from this, many diseases like PCOD, typhoid, dengue, malaria and cobit are also related to hair loss.

2.Diet also plays a big role in hair loss. If you are on a crash diet or your diet does not have enough nutrients then it can also lead to hair fall.

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3It also matters behind hair loss that how often you shampoo regularly. Many people have the habit of shampooing only once a week, due to which hair starts falling. This happens because we have our own natural oil produced in the head. Our hair usually secretes some natural sebum. When this sweat gets mixed with dirt pollution then dandruff and oily scalp are formed. If you do not clean the dirt or sebum with sebum, then dandruff keeps on increasing, due to which hair fall starts, so it is very important to keep the scalp clean.

4Some medicines can also cause hair loss, such as contraceptives or medicines for epilepsy, hair loss can also occur due to mood disorder in some people.

5.Iron deficiency, thyroid deficiency or any chronic disease or any major surgery of the patient can also be the cause of hair fall.

What do experts say,

According to doctors, falling of about 50 to 100 hairs is normal, yet people usually panic. The doctor says that we have to first assess how the hair is falling. If the patient says that he has seen 50 to 100 hair falling, then we try to see on what basis it is falling. We are trying to see whether the hair fall is due to stress or some disease or nutritional deficiency is causing the hair fall more.

If hair is falling then take care of these things

1.use a wide tooth comb

2.Comb your hair regularly everyday, it helps in blood circulation.

3.Dry hair naturally, avoid blow dryer.

4.Reduce sag with chemical treatments like rebounding smoothing.

5.Use hair coloring, but leave it only half an inch away from the roots.

6.Avoid hot water for washing hair, use lukewarm water.

7.Increase protein in your diet and avoid whey protein.

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