What is ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome’, know its symptoms and prevention

Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome: A strange case has come to light from Hyderabad. In which a woman got a stroke when the beauty parlor worker was washing her hair. While washing the hair, the woman started feeling dizzy, after which she started vomiting a lot. When the woman was taken to the doctor, the doctor, seeing her symptoms, told that she had ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome’.

What is a ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke’?

Looking at the symptoms of the woman, she has got treatment from ‘Gastroenterologist’. When the woman did not show any improvement, it was shown to the neurologist. MRI was done for the treatment by the neurologist. In which the disease of the woman’s ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke’ syndrome was detected. According to experts, when the neck was tilted backwards in the wash basin to wash the woman’s hair, the nerves of the neck and head started getting stressed. Due to which there was a lack of blood circulation. Due to the neck being in the same position for 40-45 minutes, the vertebral artery contracts and this is the reason for the stroke.

Why did the woman have a stroke?

Hyderabad-based neurologist Dr Sudhir Kumar told The Indian Express that in 10-20 percent of people, the artery on one side becomes dilated, hence the risk of stroke increases. The neurologist identified the symptoms of ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome’ in the woman. And then told in his report that ‘female beauty parlor’ is a disease of stroke syndrome. He had come while washing this stroke hair. The report also said that while washing the hair, oxygen did not reach a part of the brain properly. Due to which the risk of stroke increases.

What are the symptoms of ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome’?
The symptoms of ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome’ include dizziness, feeling nauseous.

Treating ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome’
According to doctors, people with stroke are always advised to take blood thinners. In which blood clots and helps in proper treatment. Some people recover well after a stroke.

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