What is MWC ..whose normal ticket includes iPhone 14 and VIP gets a car

MWC : Mobile World Congress, commonly known as MWC, is an annual show that brings together some of the biggest players in the mobile industry to showcase their latest products and technologies. The show takes place in Barcelona, ​​Spain and attracts a global audience of industry professionals. Let us know the history of this show and some of the main points of the show to be held in 2023.

History of MWC

MWC was first launched in 1987 as the GSM World Congress, a trade show for GSM, the emerging digital cellular technology. The show then expanded to cover other areas of the mobile industry such as 3G, 4G and 5G. Today, MWC is considered one of the major events in the mobile industry. Now participants from more than 200 countries participate in this show. According to the official website of MWC, Mobile World Congress 2023 will be attended by more than 80,000 people.

Timing of Mobile World Congress

MWC usually lasts for four days and hundreds of exhibitors showcase their latest mobile devices, software and services. This time also this show mobile show will start from 27th February and will run till 2nd March. If you also want to go to Mobile World Congress 2023, then you can book your ticket through the official website of MWC.

mobile world congress ticket price

If you have a question about the ticket price, then let us tell you that the price of the general ticket is 799 Euro (INR 70,431.95), the price of Leader Pass is 2,196 Euro (INR 1,93,614.73) and the price of VIP Pass is 4499 Euro (3, 500 INR). 96,589.82 Indian Rupee). This price is for the entire event ie 4 days.

News Reels

Overall, MWC is one of the most important shows in the mobile industry, a platform date for companies to showcase their latest products and technologies as well as network with industry professionals.

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