What is the difference between Clinical Egg Freezing and Social Egg Freezing?

Egg Freezing Facts: Today’s era is the age of science. In this era, with the help of modern technology, it has become very easy to diagnose any problem. whether the problem is with fertility Why not be connected? One of those techniques is called egg freezing. There are many Bollywood celebrities who have got their eggs frozen. This is a process in which women freeze the conceived eggs to keep them safe. Its trend has increased even more because women give priority to their career before becoming a mother.

In such a situation, adopting parenthood at an older age can be harmful to health. In the latest technology, your egg can be frozen with the help of a freezing method (Oocyte Cryopreservation). Doctors say that many women get eggs frozen between 20 and 30 years to increase their biological cycle. So let’s know what is egg freezing and what is the difference between clinical and social egg freezing.

What is Clinical Egg Freezing?

According to doctors, cryopreservation of eggs – which is scientifically called oocyte freezing. It is a method of preserving fertility, in which eggs are frozen after being removed from the ovaries. Freezing eggs increases the chances of fertility or pregnancy. There are a large number of people who undergo egg freezing. This process is selected according to the medical and health condition of the individuals. “Doctors say that frozen eggs are good for use for up to 10 years after processing.

When is this done?

According to health experts –

1. If someone is diagnosed with cancer and they have to get treatment. Some cancer treatments, including chemotherapy or radiotherapy, can affect fertility. In such a situation, the egg freezing process done before the treatment helps in having a child later.

2. Even if you are suffering from some other serious disease, you can still resort to egg freezing to save your eggs.

3. If you are worried about your career and there is also a fear that pregnancy may not cause problems in the future, you can still get an egg freeze.

What is social egg freezing and how is it different?

Social egg freezing is the process of freezing of eggs by a woman not because of a medical condition, but because of social reasons such as a career or search for the right partner. Doctors say that the eggs can be retrieved later and used for pregnancy so that women can become pregnant according to their own accord. Because age is an important element for a healthy baby, before getting social freezing done, if you go to the IVF clinic and get yourself a full body checkup once and know from the doctor whether you are ready for freezing, then it will be better. The investigation includes a simple blood test, ultrasound scan and doctor’s advice.

myths about fertility

There are many myths about fertility. Many believe that babies born from frozen eggs are born unhealthy but this is not true at all. No partner is needed to freeze eggs. But there is also a fact that both the quality and quantity of eggs decrease with age. Therefore, women should not assume that the success rate of social egg freezing will be the same at any age.

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