What is the difference between Sutak and Patak related to birth and death? There is also a connection with the solar eclipse

Surya Grahan 2023 Sutak Kaal: Sutak period has special importance at the time of solar and lunar eclipse. In Hinduism, there are two traditions known as Sutak and Patak, let us know their difference, importance and rules. Many rules and traditions have been told in the scriptures from birth to death. Apart from birth and death, Sutak and Patak have a deep connection with eclipse. The lives of those who do not follow them are affected.

What is Sutak? (What is Sutak Kaal)

Sutak is related to the impurity at the time of birth. When a child is born, a thread is put on his family. At the time of Sutak, the child’s mother and family members cannot participate in religious activities. The child’s mother does not even go to the kitchen till the sixth worship.

Why does it feel like a thread?

The umbilical cord is cut during the process of birth, according to the scriptures it is called impurity. The maternity place is considered impure for one month, that is why many people take bath after coming home from the hospital. In such a situation, 10 days’ sutak is followed for 3 generations with the family. The period of Sutak ends only after Havan and worship.

How often does the thread appear? (Sutak Kaal Timings)

Sutak takes place during the time of birth and eclipse. The determination of the day and time of Sutak is different in both these periods. As Sutak starts 12 hours before the solar eclipse, whereas Sutak starts 9 hours before the lunar eclipse.

What is Patak? (What is Patak?)

According to Garuda Purana, the death of a member in the family is considered a paatak. The relatives of the dead person observe the ‘Patak’ for 12 or 13 days. In this too, the members of the house are prohibited from going to the kitchen, worshiping, doing social and auspicious work.

Why do you feel guilty?

According to Garuda Purana, due to the impurity spread by death, there is a period of Patak. Basically, this Patak period lasts for one and a half months, but it has to be followed strictly for 13 days after cremation. The Patak period ends only after bathing in the holy river and having Brahmin food.

How often does the Patak Kaal take place? (Patak Kaal Timings)

In case of death, miscarriage of a woman, death of a pet, Patal should be followed. The determination of the day and time of Patak is also different.

Importance of Sutak and Patak in science (Sutak and Patak Kaal Difference)

‘Sutak’ and ‘Patak’ are not only of religious importance, but it has been considered important from the scientific point of view. When a child is born and a member dies, then the chances of spreading the infection increase. In both these situations, the family members have to follow many rules so that the disease does not spread. This is the reason why after Sutak and Patak period, the atmosphere is purified by performing Havan at home.

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