What is the name of the gold item which is not available in goldsmith’s shop? know the answer

IAS Interview Tricky Questions & Answers: When it comes to UPSC Civil Services Exam, only serious issues are discussed from the first stage till the end of the exam. How to take the exam seriously, how to prepare properly etc. However, when the last round of the exam i.e. interview round comes, many times the people sitting in the interview panel ask such questions that the candidate gets confused. These are answered not by studies but by intelligence. Today we know the answers to some such questions.

1- Question: What is the name of the gold item which is not available in goldsmith’s shop?
answer: The answer can be a bunk bed or anything related to it which is not found in a goldsmith’s shop but is used for sleeping.

2- Question: Peacock is a bird that does not lay eggs, then how are its children born?
answer: The answer is also tricky. It is true that peacock does not lay eggs but peahen lays and the children of this bird are born like this.

3- Question: What ended in the year 1819?
answer: Don’t stress your mind, nothing special happened this year. The simple answer is that the year 1818 ended in the year 1819.

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4- Question: What is something that solidifies instead of melting when heated?
answer: The one which solidifies on heating is called an egg. Otherwise, other things melt on heating.

5- Question: What is such a thing that we get free twice in life but for the third time we have to pay for it.
Answer: Our teeth are that thing which is available twice in life for free but when teeth break in old age then you have to pay the price for fake teeth.

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