What is the right way to wear a muffler? see if you’re not wearing the wrong one

People take many measures to protect the body from cold. People resort to things like sweaters, fire, heaters etc. to avoid the bitter cold. The trend of wearing mufflers increases in the winter season. With changing times, women also now carry long mufflers with their dresses. But, do you know the right way to wear a muffler? If not, today through this article we will tell you how to wear a muffler and tie it over a jacket, blazer and sweater.

You must have often seen that some people either tie the muffler around their neck or wrap it on their head in cold weather. If you tie the muffler tightly on your head, then you may have a headache. By tying the muffler tight, blood circulation is affected, which can cause headache. Even when you wrap the muffler around the neck, make sure that it is not too tight. Many times people wrap the long muffler around the neck three to four times due to which they feel uncomfortable many times. Pay attention, never tie the muffler in front of the nose. This is because it causes difficulty in breathing and the person may feel nervous or restless.

Enhance your look with muffler like this

wear it with a jacket

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If you are carrying the muffler with a jacket, hang it around your neck. Keep in mind that both ends of the muffler should be equally hanging. Also keep in mind that the length of the muffler should not be more than the length of the jacket. This will enhance your look.


If you are wearing a muffler over a sweater, never wear it open. Doing this spoils your look. The look of muffler with sweater is good when you double it and put it on both sides of your neck. By doing this you will get instant warmth and your style will also be maintained.


If you are carrying a muffler with a sweat shirt, then neither keep it too long nor wear it double wrapped. To complete your look, double-fold the muffler by inserting it on either side of your neck and tucking the open end on the other side towards the back of the neck.


If you are putting the muffler on top of a blazer, then put the muffler on top of your neck and leave both the ends hanging. That means you do not have to wrap the muffler in it, nor do you have to put it on the back side of the neck.

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