What is the status of diabetes in the world and how many people die of diabetes in India

Diabetes is now becoming very common in India. Diabetes patients are being found in most of the houses in India and diabetes has also become the cause of many deaths. The number of diabetic patients increasing continuously in India shows how diabetes is spreading in India. So today, on the occasion of ‘World Diabetes Day’, let us tell you what is the condition of diabetes in India and how dangerous is this condition. Along with this, we will tell you how many patients of diabetes are there at the world level as well.

What is the status of diabetes worldwide?

The number of diabetes patients is continuously increasing all over the world. A WHO report states that during the year 1980, there were 108 million patients of diabetes in the world, but in 2014 this number had increased to 422 million. Since then, the number of diabetes patients is continuously increasing in these low-income or middle-income countries. Actually, due to diabetes, many parts of the body are affected and sometimes they cause death. For example, in 2019, the cause of death of 2 million i.e. about 20 lakh people was diabetes and kidney.

In the year 2019, 1.5 million people died directly due to diabetes and 48 percent of these deaths occurred before the age of 70 years. Apart from this, 46 thousand people died due to kidney problem due to diabetes and many people also died due to chest problem due to diabetes. Please tell that diabetes often causes blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke etc.

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What is the story of India?

You have come to know that the number of diabetics is very high in the world, but do you know that the condition of India is also very frightening. India has the second place in terms of diabetes patients. India has the largest number of diabetes patients after China. Explain that 77 million people in India are suffering from diabetes and in this 12.1 million people are below 65 years and it is believed that by 2045 this figure will cross 27 million. It can be said that one out of every 11 people in India has diabetes.

If we talk about the number of people who died, then in the year 2020, 7 lakh such people have died, who had diseases like kidney, hyperglycemia due to diabetes. At the same time, there are almost equal number of patients in men and women in India and most people above 70 years of age are troubled by it. It has been revealed in many surveys that diabetes is now becoming the 7th cause of death in India and every year about 9-10 lakhs are losing their lives due to it.

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