What is this disease! Once you get it, you will keep sleeping during the day even after sleeping a lot at night.

Sound Sleep: Healthy sleep is a sign of a healthy person. If sleeping irregularly then it is not good for your health. If you stay in this situation for a long time, slowly other diseases related to lifestyle will surround you. But do you know about one such disease related to sleep. Doctors say that once someone has this disease, then after getting full sleep at night, he will continue to sleep during the day. Many such symptoms will emerge. Due to which the personal life of the patient also starts to be disturbed.

In hypersomnia there is no complete sleep

Doctors say that hypersomnia is similar to It is a disease in which a person is not able to wake up during the day after having a full sleep at night. Due to this, it becomes a challenge to complete the tasks of daily life. The person remains troubled throughout the day. When he gets a chance, he starts sleeping only then. Normally a person wakes up fresh in the day after having a good sleep at night, but in this disease the person remains tired during the day despite sleeping properly at night.

Why does it happen? Illness

Usually sleeping disorders are caused by not being able to sleep properly. Experts say that this is not the case with hypersomnia. It can be due to the effect of a particular medicine, genetically, narcolepsy, lung disease in the elderly and neurological disorder or any problem in the brain. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction, drug or alcohol addiction, in some cases a brain tumor, head trauma, or central nervous system injury may also be the cause.

What are the symptoms< /strong>

Many symptoms are also seen in the patients of hypersomnia. These include loss of appetite, excessive sleepiness, headache, irritability, depression, restlessness and nervousness in the heart, weakening of memory. If such symptoms are visible in any person, then its immediate treatment is necessary. Doctors say that this disease is not that dangerous. It is curable if treated in time. Traveling should be avoided. Patient needs to make lifestyle changes.

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