What is your risk of getting diabetes?

Today World Diabetes Day is being celebrated all over the world. On this day, awareness is spread about diabetes and ways to avoid it are conveyed to the people. There are many types of questions in the minds of people regarding diabetes. In colloquial language, we know diabetes by the name of sugar. There is often a question in people’s mind that if a person or a parent in the family has diabetes, then how much is the risk of this disease to the child. According to health experts and research, if one of the parents has type 2 diabetes, then the risk of having this disease in the child increases up to 4 times. On the other hand, if both parents have type 2 diabetes, then the risk of diabetes in the child increases by 50%. The reason for this is the genes received from the parents.

Type 1 diabetes is genetic

There are two types of diabetes, first type one and second type two diabetes. Type one diabetes is mostly due to genetics. That is, if parents, grandparents have had sugar problems in the past, then the risk of type one diabetes in the child also increases. The problem of type one diabetes can be seen in the child even from birth. This is because due to genetic reasons, insulin production stops in the pancreas.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle

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Out of the total cases of diabetes worldwide, 90% of the cases are of type two diabetes. Research suggests that if a person in the family has type 2 diabetes, then it can happen to the child as well. Jeans also have an important role in this. At the same time, due to poor lifestyle, type 2 diabetes also occurs. Apart from family history, type 2 diabetes can be due to these reasons.

being overweight
don’t exercise
Increased levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood
high blood pressure problem
Causes of POS problem in women

How can the risk of diabetes be reduced

Because type one diabetes is mostly caused by genetics, in such a situation, the occurrence of this disease cannot be completely prevented, but its risk can definitely be reduced.

Feed the newborn only mother’s milk for at least 6 months
– Get the child vaccinated from time to time and take special care of cleanliness
Protect the child from infection and take special care of him. Also, during pregnancy, women should take special care of themselves so that the newborn child does not have sugar problems and can be born healthy.

To reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, the most important thing is to change your lifestyle. Include things in the diet that are healthy and exercise regularly. Good diet and exercise can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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