What to do with the worship material left after worship? Somewhere you don’t make these mistakes

Puja Samagri: In Hinduism, every material used in worship has a special significance. Roli, Akshat, fruits, flowers, coconut or cloves have their own importance in worship. Without these worship materials, any worship or Havan is considered incomplete. Often after the worship, only a little bit of worship material is left. Usually, people either keep the remaining worship material in the temple or throw it in the running water. According to astrologers, the remaining worship material can be used to bring happiness and prosperity in life.

use the remaining worship material in this way

  • Kumkum is used in every worship text. If this roli is saved after worship, then the married women of the house can apply it in their demand. By doing this they will get the blessings of unbroken good fortune. If you are buying something new in the house, then it is considered auspicious to worship it with the remaining roli of worship. This is considered inauspicious. Thread the remaining flowers of worship in a garland and tie it at the main entrance of the house. When these flowers are completely dry, put them in a pot in your house. New plants will grow from this.
  • If there is intact left in the plate of worship, then mix it in the wheat or rice used daily in your house. It is believed that by doing this, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi remain and the house remains blessed. During the worship, betel nut is often placed on a betel leaf. According to astrology, after the worship is over, tie this betel nut in a red cloth and keep it in your safe. By doing this there is never a shortage of money in the house.

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