When and how people must eat porridge, know about work; No need for medicines

Benefits of Daliya: The daily headache is the question ‘what to eat for breakfast today’, especially for women, this question starts bothering every night that what to make for breakfast after waking up in the morning. Oatmeal is a wonderful food for breakfast. But on hearing the name of porridge, the mouth of many people starts forming. Because someone does not like the taste of porridge, then porridge is boring for some. However, such a reaction is mostly given by those people who have never eaten tasty porridge and who do not know about the benefits of eating porridge. Here you are being told how to eat oatmeal and its many benefits. Along with this, also know which people should definitely consume porridge …

What nutrients are found in oatmeal?

Oatmeal is a wonderful combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It is prepared by roasting wheat and grinding them. Many nutrients are found in oatmeal, such as…

    • protein
    • Iron
    • potassium
    • magnesium
    • manganese
    • niacin
    • Copper
    • Phosphorus
    • fiber

porridge recipe
You can eat porridge for breakfast, snack time or even in dinner. Porridge is prepared and eaten in two ways. The first is sweet porridge, which you cook like kheer by adding it to milk. And the second is salted porridge. Which is made like Yellow Rise by adding tempering of cumin, asafoetida, curry leaves etc. It is prepared like khichdi or upma.

You can eat both types of porridge at any time of the day. Just keep in mind that while eating porridge made from milk, do not eat any salt-based food together. You can use dryfruits while making sweet porridge. So peanuts, almonds, cashews or raisins can be used in salted porridge.

benefits of eating oatmeal

    • Accelerates Digestion. If you have the problem of indigestion and gas formation, then definitely eat porridge once a day.
    • If your immunity is weak and often some disease surrounds you, then you should definitely consume oatmeal once a day.
    • Promotes the growth of children. For good height and health, children must be fed porridge at one time.
    • Improves sleep. If you have a problem of falling asleep or not sleeping properly, then you should eat oatmeal every day.
    • People who have low BP or weakness, they should also eat porridge once a day.
    • Constipation Consume oatmeal to get relief from it. The stomach will be right and the motion will become easy.

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