When Malika Sherawat’s father did not want to see her as an actress, her father’s wish came true

Happy Birthday Mallika Sherawat: The name of Malika Sherawat, who has made a different identity among the audience with her hot style in Bollywood, is taken among the bold actresses of her time. Now Malika is away from films. This best actress of the film industry is enjoying her 46th birthday.

The fans of Malika Sherawat hardly know that her father did not want to see her as an actress. Let us know how Malika’s father wanted to see her.

How did Malika’s father want to be seen?

Malika Sherawat has been a very good student in studies. He obtained a degree in Philosophy from Miranda House College, Delhi University. Due to this, it was the desire of Malika’s father that his daughter should become an IAS officer after studying and writing. Sherawat’s fate was something else approved, she became a famous film actress in place of an IS officer.

stays away from movies

Now Malika Sherawat is away from films, but she remains very active on Instagram. She keeps on sharing new photos and videos for her fans every day. He has two (2) million followers on Instagram.

film career

Mallika Sherawat has worked in her film career in ‘Murder’, ‘Dirty Politics’, ‘Hiss’, ‘The Myth’, ‘Khwahish’ and ‘Khwahish’. She has shown her acting and beauty in films like ‘Welcome’. Talking about his personal life, Malika Sherawat took seven rounds with Karan Singh Gill. However, their marriage broke up within a year. At present, Malika Sherawat is very happy in her life.

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