When my friend used the ‘Poll’ feature of WhatsApp… know how it works

WhatsApp Poll Feature: Meta’s instant messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced its new feature called WhatsApp Poll. This feature is for WhatsApp group. People in WhatsApp groups can create polls with the help of this feature. Any member can create a poll in the group. This means that this feature is not limited to group admins. My friend also used this feature. I knew that this feature is going to come on WhatsApp, but when I actually saw it, I found it amazing. Very easy way to know everyone’s opinion on any issue.. People of the group will also give their votes and the group will not be filled with many messages. Let us tell you what poll my friend had created and how this poll feature of WhatsApp works.

whatsapp poll feature

I opened my WhatsApp and saw that a poll is appearing in our WhatsApp group of friends. Above the pole it was written in English that (Are you guys going tomorrow?) 2 options were visible below. The first option was yes and the second was no. In this, 2 people had pressed yes, and 6 people had pressed no. Another option was visible below it, on which it was written View Votes. By clicking on it, all the group members could see who has voted for what. I really liked this feature. This did not flood the message in the group, and everyone also presented their views.

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How does it work?

Once the poll is created in WhatsApp chat, 12 options are available for it. Users can adjust from the options as per their needs. Once the poll is shared with group members, they can select an option of their choice. As soon as a new vote is added to it, the poll gets updated automatically. Users can also know who has voted by tapping on the ‘See Vote’ option.

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