When Shah Rukh Khan used to sing ‘Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara’ for his girlfriend, he said- ‘She used to get irritated’

Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Video: King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have been married for 32 years! The Bollywood superstar and his darling wife fell in love with each other in their teenage years. With the passage of time, their love story and bonding got stronger. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri married when the actors were newcomers in the film industry.

Shah Rukh and Gauri’s marriage has been rock solid through all these years and both have stuck to each other through good and bad. It would not be wrong to say that Shah Rukh and Gauri are the most ideal couple of Bollywood who always keep setting love goals. At the same time, a throwback video of Shahrukh Khan is becoming quite viral on the Internet. In the video, King Khan is seen telling what papads he made while dating Gauri.

Shahrukh did many crazy things for Gauri
Let us tell you that in the throwback video that is going viral, Shahrukh Khan is seen telling how he did many crazy things when he started dating Gauri in Tnz. Interestingly, the Pathan star revealed that he used to sing ‘Gori tera gaon bada pyara’ outside his wife’s area, much to the chagrin of his wife. SRK also told that when he fell in love with Gauri, he did many stupid but cute things which every boy must have done at least once in his life.

,Gauri your village is very cute used to sing Shahrukh
In the video, Shahrukh says, ‘When I was 19 years old in 1984, I did what everyone does at that age. I started liking a girl and we started an affair with the word we use at that time. The girl’s name was Gauri, she lived in Panchsheel and I in Hauz Khas, so I used to go to her house or where lovers usually meet – gardens, disco sites or restaurants, I used to go there and sing for her It was because I could hardly meet him. ,

So, I just had to go and sing this song in their area, which was ‘Gauri Tera Gaon Bada Pyara’. My wife never liked it … (now she is my wife). He never liked it. He thought it very cheap that I used to sing like that.”

Shahrukh’s biggest strength has been Gauri Khan

Surely the power couple of Bollywood has had a lovely love story. Shah Rukh Khan has always mentioned that Gauri has always shown him a mirror when needed and she is his biggest pillar of strength. Today the couple is enjoying a happy life with their three children Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and Abram Khan.

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