When Shammi Kapoor had put this strange condition for the second marriage, the reason will be stunned

The Birthday Of Shammi Kapoor: The name of Prithviraj Kapoor’s son Shammi Kapoor is included in the very famous artists of his time. Shammi Kapoor worked in more than one superhit films in his film career. The more fame that Shammi Kapoor got from her film life, the more discussion was about her personal life. Shammi Kapoor had made two marriages in his life, but very few of his fans would know that he took seven rounds after getting ready on a strange condition with his second wife Neela Devi. Today, on his birthday, we know what condition Shammi Kapoor had placed.

Shammi Kapoor had placed this condition

Shammi Kapoor first married film actress ‘Geeta Bali’. Shammi Kapoor went against the family and made Geeta Bali the companion of his life, but in the year 1965, his first wife Geeta Bali died due to ‘smallpox’. Geeta’s death gave a lot of grief to Shammi Kapoor, when he started living in a lot of sorrow, his family members asked Shammi to marry again. Shammi Kapoor agreed for the second marriage because of his children, but he put a condition in front of his second wife ‘Neela Devi’ that he would have to consider his own children as his own. Apart from this, she will never become a mother. Neela Devi happily accepted this condition of Shammi and she did not become a mother for the rest of her life. Neela Devi always followed Geeta Bali’s children as her own.

memorable movies

In his career, Shammi Kapoor has done many brilliant films like ‘Prem Rog’, ‘Vidhaata’, ‘Junglee’, ‘Prince’ and ‘Rajkumar’. Worked in films. He was last seen on the film screen in 2011’s ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ film Rockstar. Today he is not among us, but he will always be alive among us because of his brilliant work.

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