When Shani Pradosh fasting, know the Muhurta, by offering this one thing to Shiva, you will get the blessings of Shani

Shani Pradosh Vrat 2022 Puja: Pradosh fast will be observed on Trayodashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. Pradosh fast is considered very beneficial for Shiva worship. Since this day is Saturday, it will be called Shani Pradosh. To reduce the effect of Shani’s Mahadasha, one should worship Shiva with a sincere heart on this day, it is believed that it removes diseases, defects, mental and physical problems in the soul. Let us know the date and time of the second Pradosh fast of Kartik month.

Shani Pradosh Vrat 2022 Date

The second Shani Pradosh fast of Kartik month will be observed on 5th November 2022. On this day, performing Rudrabhishek of Shiva during Pradosh period gives renewable virtue. One who worships Bholenath with full devotion, his wish is definitely fulfilled.

Shani Pradosh Vrat 2022 Muhurat (Shani Pradosh 2022 Muhurat)

According to the Hindu calendar, the Trayodashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month is starting from 05.06.00 pm on 05 November 2022. On November 06, 2022, Trayodashi Tithi ends at 04:28 pm on Sunday.

Shani Pradosh Puja Muhurta – 05:41 pm – 08:17 pm

What to do in Shani Pradosh Vrat (Shani Pradosh Vrat Upay)

  • For Shani Dosh, offer black sesame seeds to Bholenath in the evening on the day of Shani Pradosh fast and chant the Panchakshara mantra of Lord Bholebhandari 108 times ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. With this all the problems related to money will end. There will be happiness in married life.
  • Offer 21 Bel leaves one by one on the day of Shani Pradosh to Mahakal i.e. Shankar ji, the Kaal of Kaal. Then recite Shiv Chalisa. It is believed that if Shiva is pleased, then the ill effects of Shani will also reduce. This is a surefire remedy for people suffering from the influence of Saturn.

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