When should oil be applied on the body? this is the correct answer

Oil massage is well liked in every season. But, if it is cold season, then its importance increases even more. By massaging the body with oil, it not only strengthens our bones, but also keeps our muscles good. The tradition of oil massage in India is centuries old. In Ayurveda too, many methods and benefits of massaging oil on the body have been described.

Oil massage brings glow to our skin and dead cells come out and new cells are formed. Often there is a question in people’s mind regarding oil massage that when should massage be done? Some people massage with oil before taking a bath, while some do it after taking a bath. But, they know what is the right way.

According to the body, every person gets different benefits by doing oil massage before or after bath. But, according to Ayurveda, oil massage should always be done before bath. This is because by massaging oil the body gets warm and it does not adversely affect our body while taking a bath. Keep in mind that there must be a gap of a few minutes between bath and oil massage. Only those people who have dry skin should do oil massage after bath.

If a person applies oil on the body after taking a bath instead of massaging it, dust and dirt particles can stick to the body. Due to this, the pores of the body start closing and it is not good for health.

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If you apply oil after bath, then your face does not give a good impression on the person in front of you. Also there is a risk of smell coming from the body.

If you apply oil after bath, it will spoil the clothes and also you may have more rashes and itching problems.


Massaging the body with hot oil before bath helps to flush out toxins which are washed away during bath.
bones get stronger
blood circulation is good
don’t see aging signs

which oil is best

Well with the changing times these days many oils are available in the market for massage. But, massaging with mustard oil, which has been going on for generations, gives many benefits to the body. Even today in India, massage is done with this oil in most of the houses. This oil is beneficial for bones, muscles and hair. At the same time, you can massage olive and coconut oil to bring glow on the skin.

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