When to buy house, property and car this week, know auspicious time

Weekly Sapthik Panchang November 2022: According to astrology, this week is full of planetary transits. There are total four zodiac changes in this week. Along with this, a Sankranti is also happening. Venus, the planet of indulgence, Mercury, the prince of planets and Sun, the king of planets, will transit in Scorpio. According to the Panchang, Venus has entered Scorpio on November 11, while Mercury will enter Scorpio on November 13 and Sun on November 16. Mars, the commander of the planets, is making opposite Rajyoga in Gemini from 13th November by moving in reverse direction. In such a situation, let us know, in the coming days, auspicious time and time for activities related to purchase or registration of house, property and vehicle.

11 november From 17 november until Of good Auspicious beginning

In Hinduism, special care is taken of auspicious time. It is a tradition to do any auspicious or auspicious work in an auspicious time. Be it marriage, buying house, property or vehicle etc. or going somewhere, all the works are done in auspicious time. According to Vedic astrology, doing any work in an auspicious time leads to success and doing any work in proper time gives good results. That’s why before starting any auspicious work, its auspicious time must be seen.

Marriage And home enter Of For good Auspicious beginning

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According to the Hindu calendar, there is no auspicious time for marriage and house warming in the week of November 11 to 17. If you want to buy property, vehicle or house etc., then there are four auspicious times to buy it this week.

Property to buy of good Auspicious beginning

  • From 06:40 am on 11 November to 06:41 am on 12 November.
  • 17 November from 06:45 am to 18 November 06:46.

Vehicle to buy Of For good Auspicious beginning

These are the auspicious times to buy a vehicle this week.

  • November 11 from 06:40 am to 08:17 pm
  • November 13 at 10:18 am to November 14 at 06:43 am
  • November 14 morning 06:43 to November 15 morning 03:23

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