Whether the reason for your anger is breakfast in the morning, know the opinion of the dietician

Rujuta Diwekar Breakfast Tips: Often the elders of the house must be heard saying that one should never go out of the house empty stomach. Always go to work after eating something. Have you ever wondered why it is called like this? Actually, there are many scientific regions behind this. If you talk to a dietician or doctors in today’s time, they will also say that the beginning of the day is incomplete without breakfast and this has also been revealed in many research. Although many products are available in the market to make quick breakfast, but famous celebrity dietician Rujeta Diwekar says that always make breakfast at home, not from the market. Rujeta is also seen saying in every of her blogs that one should never skip breakfast.

The reason for anger is whether your breakfast is not there

Rujeta Diwekar has recently shared a long post in her Instagram post about why breakfast is necessary for a person. In this, she writes that if you are not having breakfast or you do not eat for a long time, then it can become the reason for your anger. Hearing this, many people can also say that how can this happen. Anger is the nature of any person, what does it have to do with whether to have breakfast or not. On this, Rujeta says that due to not eating food for a long time, hormonal changes occur in the body and it can cause anger, irritability. Not only this, not having breakfast can also lead to hair and stomach related problems.

Intermittent fasting can cause problems in periods

Celebrity Nutritionist Dr. Rujuta Diwekar recently shared a post on her Instagram. Rujuta writes, ‘To feel good mentally and physically, it is also necessary to have regular periods. When young girls do intermittent fasting, many times due to this, periods are skipped.

Make breakfast at home, not from the market

Rujuta writes in her new health series, ‘People often ask about skipping breakfast. I would say that if you do not have breakfast, then there is no benefit physically but the harm is enough. If there will be a long gap between your breakfast and lunch, then many diseases will definitely start due to this. It can also cause headaches, migraines and even depression. It has also been revealed in many researches that there is no benefit but more harm due to the long gap between meals. Rujuta further writes in her post that if you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you lose as much weight as someone does by not eating for a long time. Along with having breakfast, Rujuta also said that always take home-made breakfast, it is not right to start the day with packets and similar sold in the market. ,

According to Dr. Nidhi Aggarwal, Dietitian of Good Nutrition, ‘Breakfast is the first meal of the day which we take after hours of fasting. Therefore, 15-25% of the energy of the whole day should come from breakfast. Also keep in mind that breakfast should be full of nutrition. Breakfast should be such that after eating, you feel mentally and physically full of energy and also make your mood.

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