Which is better to invest in this festive season, gold or crypto? Know where to get returns

Gold vs Cryptocurrency: There has been a rapid increase in the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies all over the world including India. It has given strong returns to some investors in a few years. In such a situation, nowadays investors are very much like to invest in it. On the other hand, gold has been the oldest and favorite commodity of Indians.

Gold has given good returns to its investors almost every year, but only Cryptocurrency Investment has given more returns. In such a situation, the question often arises in the minds of investors that after all, which option should they invest in Gold or Cryptocurrency, where they get guaranteed high as well as safe returns.

Nowadays people in India are very much like to buy digital gold in the festive season. The biggest reason for the increase in the number of people investing in it is that its value is similar to physical gold and there is no hassle of keeping it in a safe place. Whereas cryptocurrencies you invest only through digital medium. In such a situation, we tell you where you will get more return on investing.

bitcoin vs gold
In the past few years, bitcoin has given more returns to its investors than gold. According to the figures of 2017 Diwali A gain of 312.5% ​​was recorded in bitcoin. In the year 2018, this increase was recorded at 196.3%. In the year 2019, its price has increased by 96.4%.

Apart from this, investments in this have also benefited during the Corona period. Talking about gold, in the year 2017, its price has increased by 29.5%. Investors have got returns of up to 36.1% in the year 2018 and up to 25.1% in the year 2019. In such a situation, gold has also given good returns to investors, but it is very less than bitcoin.

It is safer to invest in gold
Let us tell you that even though investing in gold gives you lower returns than bitcoin, but it is recognized by the investment and government. Both depend on market risk, but the volatility in gold is much lower than that of cryptocurrencies. Even today, gold is a very reliable commodity among investors, but till now the same trust has not been built among investors on the cryptocurrency.

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