Which milk is beneficial for health, raw or ripe, know what experts say

Health Tips: We all know how beneficial milk is for our health, that’s why it is said that whether a child or an adult, a glass of milk must be drunk in the morning and evening. It is rich in proteins, calcium, vitamin D, minerals and fatty acids. But often people have a question that should we drink raw milk or boil it? So let us clear this confusion today and tell you which type of milk is most beneficial for your health.

benefits of raw milk

First of all, you should know about the benefits of raw milk. According to experts, more nutritious elements are found in raw milk than in ripe milk. Raw milk is a better option for people suffering from lactose intolerance, asthma, autoimmune and allergies.

Disadvantages of raw milk However, raw milk can also cause some disadvantages. Actually, bacteria start growing very quickly in raw milk, due to which the risk of diseases increases. Not only this, raw milk can easily become poisonous and can make people ill. Especially pregnant women, children, elders should not consume this type of milk.

Advantages and disadvantages of fortified milk

Now let us tell you what are the benefits of drinking boiled i.e. cooked milk. Let us tell you that if you boil milk, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Actually, the proteins and vitamins present in milk are reduced by boiling. , But the risk of bacteria growing in it also reduces. However, according to experts, children and the elderly should always be given boiled milk. Not only this, people who are troubled by the problem of lactose intolerance, they may also have trouble drinking boiled milk.

Which milk is better, raw or ripe?

According to experts, if we want to avoid diseases, then it is always better to boil milk and drink it. Just keep in mind while boiling that we do not boil the milk for a long time. Just turn it off after a boil, so that its nutrition is locked and does not reduce. If you want, you can boil milk after cooling it and drink it in the form of smoothie or shake.

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