Which oil is the healthiest for cooking, which will make health? choose like this

How To Select Best Cooking Oil: Homemade food is made in which oil or which oil is best for cooking, this is a big question. Since the health of the members of the household depends on cooking oil, so the choice of cooking oil should be done carefully. In this case, the rough rule works that it is better to choose oil according to the crop in the area in which you live. Like if you are from UP, UK or Bihar, Delhi side then cook food in mustard oil. If you belong to the South, then coconut oil will be fine. Overall, choose the oil you get at your native place.

People choose according to calories

Many times people try to choose oil according to the calories, while this method is not right. Studies show that whatever the oil may be, it contains a little more or less the same number of calories. Therefore, do not follow this method for selection and choose the same oil in which the food becomes delicious.

Ghee does not increase weight

There is a misconception among people that using ghee will increase a lot of calories and will lead to obesity. Whereas the truth is that there is no difference in calories whether it is oil or ghee. The difference is in what quantity of stuff you are eating. As long as you are taking a balanced amount of food, it does not matter whether it is made in ghee or in oil.

in which oil Nutrients

If Talking about nutrients, the same type of nutrients are found in olive oil and ghee. Contains both saturated and monosaturated fats as well as vitamin E and A is also found. So using any of these will give more benefit. Compared to coconut oil, some nutrients are less. But the thumb rule is still that it is best to use the oil that is available according to your area.

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