Who can get weight loss surgery done, is 100 kg weight necessary? read its truth

Weight Loss Surgery: Obesity is one of the biggest problems of today’s era. People use different methods to get rid of this condition. Some do gym, some do dieting and when these methods do not work then weight loss surgery is the last option left. However, where the word surgery is added, fear arises in the same way. Similarly, there is a fear in people’s mind regarding weight loss surgery, due to which they are not able to take any decision. Let us tell about some myths related to weight loss surgery through this article.

Some myths related to weight loss surgery

1. Follow up is not necessary after weight loss surgery

TruthMany people think that once bariatric surgery is done, it is not necessary to follow up, whereas it is not so. After surgery, you should focus on follow up care for at least one year. From consulting doctors to taking long time precautions, it is necessary.

2. Your weight should be more than 100 kg for surgery

Truth- You need to understand that surgery is not only related to your weight but also depends on your health condition. Many times even a less obese person sees a lot of difference in his health condition after surgery.

3. Difficulty in getting pregnant after surgery

Truth – Many people think that after undergoing bariatric surgery, there may be a problem in conceiving or it is difficult to confuse. But let us tell you that this is a big myth. Is it possible to conceive after weight loss surgery? However, it has to be kept in mind that it is necessary to give a gap of at least 1 year after the surgery.

4. Results of the fair immediately after surgery

Truth Getting surgery done does not mean at all that you will get instant results. Actually, the result starts appearing in the body only after 3 to 6 months of bariatric surgery. Your body fight may be ended with surgery immediately but it takes time to see the change.

5. People with operation cannot get surgery done

This surgery has nothing to do with any previous surgery. This is laparoscopic surgery. However, if you are getting surgery done, then do consult the doctor once.

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