Why are 5 symptoms of STD seen in women, their immediate treatment is necessary

STD Treatment: Women are more victims of sexual STD than men. There are many reasons behind this. One reason is that women are more sensitive, the difference in the structure of sexual organs increases the risk of STD. There are many such sexual diseases, which occur only in women, not in men. Doctors say that the layers of the vagina are thin, due to which bacteria and viruses grow more here. Women should be aware about STD. If symptoms are visible then it should be treated by a doctor immediately.

1. Stay alert if there is more discharge
STD often happens to those who are sexually active. Due to STD, there is a need to be alert if there is odor and abnormal colored discharge from the vagina. Green discharge can be caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia.

2. If there is itching then see the doctor
Many times due to STD itching starts in the vagina. Sometimes it can be internal. This can also cause infection in the uterus. Do not ignore if the infection is not reducing by itself. See a doctor immediately.

3. Consult a doctor if you feel pain while being intimate
Vaginal infection increases due to STD. This causes severe pain many times during intimacy. In such a situation a doctor should be consulted.

4. If there is abnormal bleeding then get treated
Be it girls or women, everyone has menstruation. This is a natural process. Bleeding that occurs for a few days during this time is also normal, but if bleeding is happening apart from these days, then there is a need to be worried. Should be seen by a doctor.

5. Get treated even if there are wounds
Due to STD, sometimes wounds are caused due to infection. Sometimes the wounds are of serious nature. In such a situation, treatment should be started. It can be virus or bacterial attack.

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