Why are alphabets written on the dialer pad of your smartphone, know what is their use

Alphabets on Dialer Keypad: Sometimes when we do not remember someone’s number, we usually search the name of that person by going to the search section above the dialer keypad, but have you ever noticed that alphabet letters are written on the dialer keypad of your smartphone? Huh. Do you know why these alphabet letters are given and what is their function in dialer keypad? If not, then today we tell you the reason behind why companies give these alphabet letters on the dialer keypad of the mobile.

Did you know till today its use

You must have been using a smartphone for so long, but you have rarely noticed that the alphabets written on the dialer pad of your phone are useful. Are they inexplicably written? If you think so, then you are wrong, because till now you probably do not know how to use them. Today let me tell you about its use. After knowing which you will feel that this is a very useful thing.

That’s why alphabet letters are given in dialer keypad

Actually, these alphabets are used for a shortcut. If you have to search someone’s number in the keypad, then you first go to the search box, then there you do not write that person’s name, but today we will tell you how you can use the alphabet letters given on the dialer keypad. You can call him by searching his number without remembering the number in front. Simply put, typing some number on the dialer keypad will display the name of the number you want to call on your screen. For this you just have to follow these steps –

step 1 First of all open your mobile dialer keypad.

Step 2 – Now on the keypad type the name of the person you want to call.

For example – If you want to search the name of Akash, then first you have to type 2 and then …

A – 2, because numeric 2 contains (ABC).

K – 5, because the numeric 5 contains (JKL).

A – 2, because numeric 2 contains (ABC).

S – 7, because numeric 7 contains (PQRS).

H – 4, because the numeric 4 contains (GHI).

You can also search the name of anyone in this dialer keypad of your mobile, but for this the name of that person should be saved in your contact.

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