Why are most Indians getting heart disease?

Researcher from the Department of Cardiology and Radiology of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has made a strange disclosure about Indians. Dr. JPS Sahni, Chairman of the Cardiology Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said that through this research, we want to put some facts in front of the public. 

Sahni further says, ‘Heart disease in Indians. There is a myth about it, which we will through this research  Tried to remove. For a long time, there is such a concept among people that most of the Indians get heart disease because their heart arteries are small. Through this research, we want to tell that there is nothing like this. The risk of heart disease is high due to wrong lifestyle, not exercising. 

Does small size of artery increase the risk of heart disease
Under this research, 250 patients were kept under observation.  The size of the arteries of all these patients was small and all of them were suffering from heart disease.  This research done on 250 patients has been published in ‘Journal of Indian College of Cardiology’.

Dr. JPS Sahni who is the Chairman of the Cardiology Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and the head author of this journal. He said- In this entire research it was found that out of these 250 people, 51 were high blood pressure, 18 were diabetic patients, 4 were smokers. 28 percent were dyslipidemic, and 26 percent were people with a family history of heart disease. In such a situation, it is inevitable that you will be suffering from heart disease. 

Dr. Ashwini Mehta, author and senior consultant, Department of Cardiology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said, ‘Research has found that The artery of an Indian man is larger than that of a woman. But heart attack happens to more men only. It doesn’t matter what the size of the heart or the size of the artery, says Ashwini.  Indians get diseases like atherosclerosis because fat gets deposited in the arteries of their heart and all this happens due to bad lifestyle.  


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