Why did this Pakistani person fall into coma, you should also take this precaution

Diabetes Symptoms: Bad lifestyle is the factor of many diseases. Hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes are such diseases. If the lifestyle is not improved in time. If the doctor is not consulted, the situation can become serious. Diabetes is known as silent killer. If the blood sugar level is increased then it slowly starts damaging all the parts of the body. There is also a danger of this that if diabetes is too low and too high, a condition of diabetic coma can occur. Something similar happened with a person living in Dubai. If he did not get treatment on time, diabetes could have become his life. 

Sugar level became 730 mg/dl
According to media reports. Mohammad Razak, a resident of Pakistan, lives in Dubai. His age is 47 years. In the year 2021, when he got the test done at the behest of the doctor, he was confirmed to have diabetes. A few days back, Razak had started seeing blurred vision. One day I started feeling dizzy and fainted. When the condition worsened, the relatives immediately took him to Aster Hospital. Razak was immediately medically examined in the hospital. On examination, his blood sugar level came to 730 mg/dl. While in a normal person it should be from 80 to 140 mg/dl. Razak’s sugar level had increased up to 5 times. 

How did I end up in a diabetic coma
Razak has been working in the UAE for the last 20 years. Due to diabetes in 2021, he started the medicine on the advice of the doctor. Wasn’t taking medicine for last few days. Recently, he developed a condition of dizziness, heaviness in the head, fainting. The diabetes specialist of Aster Hospital told that Razak had stopped taking medicines for the last several days. Apart from this, he was eating food like a normal person. Started consuming a lot of sweet things. There was no abstinence of any kind, so the blood sugar level went on increasing. Had there been a little more delay, there would have been a situation for Razak to go into a diabetic coma. 

Had to be hospitalized for 4 days
Razak’s blood sugar level had increased so much that even the doctors were surprised to see the condition of Razak himself. Razak’s condition could have worsened if he had not received treatment. Doctors told that 730 mg/dl level of sugar is extremely dangerous. Seeing the high sugar level, he was immediately admitted to the hospital. Razak had to be admitted for 4 days to control the sugar level. Razak was sent home after recovering. 

How does the sugar level increase
Pancreas works to make insulin. The job of insulin is to convert the blood sugar level into energy. if ‚ÄčWhen the pancreas stops making insulin, the blood sugar level cannot be converted into energy. Due to this, the level of sugar in the blood starts increasing. Gradually this increased sugar level starts damaging other parts of the body like liver, heart, kidney etc. 

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