Why do heels hurt when getting up from bed and while walking, know the reason and solution

Pain In Heels: After the age of twenty, most of the women have the problem of heel pain. But it is not that this problem is only for women, men also suffer from heel pain in large numbers. The pain in the heel in the morning is very strong, so much so that while keeping the foot on the ground, it seems as if life is about to die. Although this pain also occurs during the day, when you walk. But in the morning its pain is unbearable. What is the reason for this happening and how you can avoid it, it is being told here…

Why does heel pain happen?

  • The main reason for the problem of heel pain is increased uric acid. We are talking here mainly about the pain and sharp pain that occurs in the morning.
  • People whose uric acid increases too much, they have the problem of sharp pain and pain in the heel, even during the day, but its terrible effect is seen in the morning, when you wake up and keep your feet on the ground. Let’s try.
  • Generally, people who have a problem of sharp pain and pain in the heel, they also have the problem of pain, stretch or torsion (Cramps) in the calves. Although its reason is different, but sometimes it is also affected by the increased level of uric acid.

What are the causes of increased uric acid?

  • The main reason for increasing uric acid in daily routine life is to give more value to taste than health in food and drink. For this, eating wrong food, eating food of opposite nature together, not being sure about the time of eating and drinking.
  • Genetics are also the reason for increasing uric acid.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol is also a major reason
  • Uric acid also increases due to hypothyroidism.
  • Long-term use of many medicines can also cause uric acid to increase.

What does Ayurveda say?

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The main reason for the increase in uric acid in food, which is considered by Ayurvedic doctors, is the consumption of lentils made in the cooker. This thing may surprise many people, but Vaidya Dr. Surendra Singh Rajput, who has been treating patients through Ayurvedic medicine for the last 41 years, says that the reason for the increasing number of diseases and patients in our country is the choice of wrong lifestyle. In olden times people lived a simple but scientific lifestyle. Even if they do not know the reasons for this in detail.

For example, even today in many houses in the villages, pulses are made in open and wide mouth utensils. When the dal is cooked, foam is formed in it and this foam is removed and thrown away. If you ask any rural woman who does this the reason for throwing this froth, she will say at the most that this froth harms the body. What harm they do, they do not know in detail but they avoid eating them. On the other hand, in kitchens where cookers are used to make pulses, there is no facility to separate these foams and these foams reach the body and rapidly increase the level of uric acid.

How to treat uric acid according to Ayurveda?

Dr. Rajput says that first of all, you should start making lentils at home in an open utensil and if you take alcohol in excess, limit it. You will get a lot of benefits only by doing these two measures.

  • Organize the lifestyle, such as setting the time of sleeping and waking up and eating and drinking.
  • Include green vegetables, dry fruits, fresh fruits, dairy products in the food.
  • Along with all these initially you will need the right medicines and treatment. Which is done keeping in mind your health history, age, lifestyle etc. That’s why talk to your doctor about this and take his recommended medicines regularly. You will be completely healthy.

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